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Metropolitan Majority

Speaking up for the multiethnic mainstream in America’s metros.

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About this Project

We believe that across America’s major metropolitan areas there is a majority of people who fundamentally believe in our worldview and are persuadable by our policy ideas. They are made up of not just of white voters and the working class, but upwardly mobile Hispanics, Asians, and blacks too. They are pro-growth and pragmatic in orientation, just like the Manhattan Institute. Fundamentally, the metropolitan majority cares about prosperity, public safety, and a good education for their children.

America is a nation of cities. Close to 60 percent of Americans reside in metropolitan areas with populations of 1 million or more, and these areas drive the nation’s economic and cultural vitality. Yet because of the polarization and nationalization of American politics, metropolitan communities often suffer from a dearth of meaningful political competition, which in turn contributes to unaccountable and unrepresentative government at the local and state level. The Metropolitan Majority initiative advances policy ideas that foster political and economic competition and unlock the potential of America’s cities and suburbs.



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Oct 14 2021
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Sep 15 2021