The Manhattan Institute (MI) is a community of scholars, journalists, activists, and civic leaders who are united by a shared commitment to advancing economic opportunity, individual liberty, and the rule of law in America and its great cities.

We are always looking for entrepreneurial, self-driven, resourceful, and detail-oriented employees to help put MI's work in the hands of key policymakers and others.

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Job Listings

Manager, External Affairs (DC)

The Manager, External Affairs (DC), will have a strategic outreach portfolio that touches on all MI issue areas, with a focus emerging on economic policy debates in Congress and across the federal government.

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Paulson Policy Analyst Program

MI is independent, creative, and bold, and we are hiring a like-minded Paulson Policy Analyst capable of working closely with our fellows and public policy research teams. Paulson Policy Analysts will pursue research and journalism, publishing research papers and articles in City Journal, the Manhattan Institute’s marquee magazine of policy and culture.

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American Conservatism and Governing Fellowship

The American Conservatism and Governing Fellowship brings together cohorts of successful mid-career public-service professionals to study the foundational principles of American conservatism. The fellowship will help leaders deepen their thinking about conservatism in America and its application to the work of governing.

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Development Officer

The Development Officer should be deeply interested in public policy at the national, state, and local levels, and want to help MI raise financial resources. This role is ideal for someone who is keenly analytical and able to maintain and build new relationships for MI that advance the Institute’s mission.

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Law School Associate Program

Manhattan Institute’s Law School Associate program is a 10-12-week program that offers law school students the opportunity to work directly with its Constitutional Studies and Legal Policy teams.

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Collegiate Associates Program

Manhattan Institute's Collegiate Associate Program puts graduate and undergraduate students in a position to meaningfully advance the Institute's mission through research, journalism, and programming.

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