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Metropolitan Majority: America in the Cities

Friday September 2021


Kristen Soltis Anderson Pollster, Speaker, Commentator, and Author, The Selfie Vote: Where Millennials Are Leading America (And How Republicans Can Keep Up)
Judge Glock Cicero Institute
The Honorable Mattie Parker Mayor, City of Fort Worth
James Quintero Policy Director, Government for the People, Texas Public Policy Foundation
Reihan Salam President @reihan

America’s 50 largest metros alone account for half the country’s population, more than half its votes, and two-thirds of its economy. In Texas, urban areas are expected to account for more than 90% of the state’s population growth over the next three decades. Unsurprisingly, today’s most pressing issues, from the pandemic to civil unrest and economic distress, are all playing out in our cities and suburbs. And Texas is at the forefront of this metropolitan revolution.

While progressives often claim they own cities, the reality is more nuanced. Across metro areas, there is a multiethnic mainstream of voters who value safety, good jobs, and a good education for their children. They are pragmatic and persuadable on issues of prosperity and safety, and they are likely to distrust the bleak narrative of wokeness in the classroom. All too often, a city’s electorate sounds very different than their elected officials.

On September 3rd, the Manhattan Institute is kicking off its Metropolitan Majority project in Austin, TX, with a private, off the record preview of its first nationwide poll of America’s fastest-growing metros. Hear from pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson of Echelon Insights as she reveals what the metropolitan majority really believe on the issues, while the newly elected Mayor of Fort Worth, Mattie Parker, shares her vision of pragmatic local leadership that “attacks problems, not people.” Our expert panel from leading think tanks—the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Manhattan Institute, and the Cicero Institute—will break down the results and what they mean for giving voice to metropolitan America.