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Everyday Freedom: A Conversation with Philip Howard

Wednesday March 2024


Philip K. Howard Founder and Chair of Common Good and senior counsel at Covington & Burling
Allison Schrager Senior Fellow | Contributing Editor, City Journal @AllisonSchrager

Across government, the workplace, and at home, author Philip Howard argues that Americans are suffering from a deep sense of powerlessness and inability to exercise good judgement and common sense. As a result, infrastructure projects do not get built, teachers do not educate, and government prioritizes bureaucracy and red tape rather than freedom and discernment. How can Americans restructure institutions and reestablish a balance between freedom and authority? What happened in the 1960s that caused Americans to abandon reason and suppress human flourishing?

Please join us on Wednesday, March 20th for a roundtable discussion with Philip Howard, author of the new book, Everyday Freedom: Designing the Framework for a Flourishing Society. MI Senior Fellow Allison Schrager will lead a discussion with Howard on his bold vision for simplifying governance and restoring trust and common sense in everyday life.