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Commentary By Ilya Shapiro

Where the Supreme Court Is and How It Got Here

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This was the year that the much-advertised, -expected, -feared, -longed-for conservative Supreme Court majority coalesced. After many false starts, misfires, and disappointments—going back to Richard Nixon's pledge during the 1968 presidential campaign to reverse the Warren Court's activism, or even Dwight Eisenhower's appointment of Earl Warren and Bill Brennan in the first place—conservatives will remember the 2021-22 term as the one when they finally, finally, had enough votes to make up for "defections."

Five years after Neil Gorsuch was confirmed, and in the second term with Amy Coney Barrett on the bench, the Republican-appointed majority asserted itself.

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Ilya Shapiro is a senior fellow and director of Constitutional Studies at the Manhattan Institute. Follow him on Twitter here

This piece originally appeared in Newsweek