Governance, Governance Overcriminalization, Corporate Governance, Shareholder Capitalism
December 15th, 2016 1 Minute Read Issue Brief by James R. Copland, Rafael A. Mangual

Ideas for the New Administration: Legal Reform

To jump-start economic growth and increase employment, the incoming Trump administration and GOP-led Congress should make reforming America’s legal system a priority. In particular, they should move to curb lawsuit abuse, to reduce the regulatory threat placed on innocent businesses and individuals through the federal criminal law, and to fix shareholder voting to prevent special interests from foisting political agendas on companies outside the legislative process. Each of these reforms can be achieved in part without legislation, by reversing Obama-era administrative agency actions, though more lasting change would require congressional action.

  1. Curb Lawsuit Abuse
  2. Reduce Federal Overcriminalization
  3. Eliminate Politics in Shareholder Voting


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James R. Copland is a senior fellow and director of legal policy at the Manhattan Institute. Rafael Mangual is the project manager for legal policy.


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