Event Videos Mar 15 2022

CUNY and the Future of Workforce Education

In recent years, New York's economy has evolved rapidly, which has changed the landscape for skilled labor. CUNY, the city’s flagship university system, plays a key role in equipping students for work in critical industries like health care, technology, and logistics. With a new mayoral administration incoming and a post-pandemic economy, the time is ripe for NYC and Albany’s education leadership to re-align CUNY’s programs with the evolving needs of industry and its diverse student body.

Where does CUNY excel, and where should it recalibrate? How can CUNY strengthen its relationship with industry stakeholders? How might it drive New York’s economic recovery?

On March 15, 2022, the Manhattan Institute hosted a virtual panel to answer these questions, featuring brief presentations of research findings from Opportunity America president Tamar Jacoby and Manhattan Institute director of education policy Raymond Domanico. CUNY’s LaGuardia Community College president Kenneth Adams and Building Skills NY executive director David Meade will also provide important insider perspectives to shed light on these questions.