Event Videos Nov 30 2021

2021 George L. Kelling Lecture: Fixing the Right Problems in Policing

Over the past two years, Americans have been pushing forward police reforms at a fever pitch. But are we implementing the right solutions—or even correctly identifying the true problems? Or is the drive for controversy itself in the media and in politics getting in the way of our making police departments more ethical and our streets safer?

On Tuesday, November 30 the second annual George L. Kelling Lecture, was given by Edward Flynn. A student of Kelling’s, Flynn headed police departments in Braintree, MA; Chelsea, MA; Arlington, VA; and Springfield, MA, and ultimately served as Chief of the Milwaukee Police Department for a decade. After an introduction from former NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, Chief Flynn explained how to create real and valuable change in policing, and what we can learn from the successes, and failures, of past reform efforts.