Event Videos Jan 27 2022

Manhattan DA Bragg and the Future of NYC Crime

Worryingly, Bragg's new policies mirror those in cities like Philadelphia and San Francisco, which have seen record rises in homicides and shoplifting. But Bragg insists that offenders are less likely to commit more crimes if they avoid jail time or heavy sentencing and get diverted into drug treatment or mental-health programs. Is this supported by the data? And will the Big Apple's new law-and-order mayor Eric Adams push back against lax prosecution? Our expert panel will break down the real-life meaning of Manhattan's new prosecutorial guidelines. Jim Quinn served for 42 years with the Queens DA's office, retiring in 2020 as a lead executive and second-in-command. Tom Hogan served as DA of Chester County, PA, and is completing a criminology program at University of Pennsylvania. Manhattan Institute senior fellow and legal policy expert Rafael Mangual moderated this discussion.