Event Videos Feb 23 2021

Policing in The Age of Criminal Justice Reform: Fireside Chat with Art Acevedo

In a year of anti-police protests and sentiment, jurisdictions nationwide have adopted far-reaching criminal justice reforms despite the risks posed by increased leniency in response to criminality. Houston is among those jurisdictions. In the wake of such reforms, Houston police are facing a more challenging, and more dangerous, landscape. Art Acevedo is Chief of the Houston Police Department and President of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, and he previously served as Chief of the Austin Police Department for nearly a decade. His experience gives him unique insight into how law enforcement leaders around the country should think about policing in this new environment. What are the biggest challenges officers are facing? What do recent criminal justice reforms in Houston mean for the city’s public safety?

Chief Acevedo joined MI senior fellow Rafael Mangual for a lively discussion on these questions and more.