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Unleashing Prosperity: Towards a New Conservative Economic Agenda

Thursday June 2023
Starts at 1pm


Paul Singer
Founder, President, Co-Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Chief Investment Officer
Elliott Management
Reihan Salam
President, Manhattan Institute
Mitch McConnell
Senator (R-KY), Republican Leader, United States Senate
Matthew Continetti
Senior fellow, American Enterprise Institute
Eli Dourado
Senior Research Fellow, The Center for Growth and Opportunity
Judge Glock
Director, Research and Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Contributing Editor, City Journal
Will Hild
Executive Director, Consumers’ Research
Tom Hoenig
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Mercatus Center
Megan McArdle
Columnist, Washington Post
Riley Moore
Treasurer, State of West Virginia
Brian Riedl
Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Allison Schrager
Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Contributing Editor, City Journal

After nearly two decades of stagnant productivity growth, the U.S. is on precarious economic footing. The post-pandemic combination of fiscal largesse and accommodative monetary policy added damaging inflationary disruptions to our reality. What is needed now, more than at any time in recent memory, is a new conservative agenda for the supply-side, with policies capable of accelerating economic growth while restoring price stability.

Which policies should lawmakers pursue at all levels of government to confront these challenges while advancing American dynamism? How can conservatives advance policies that encourage growth, tame inflation, strengthen shareholder capitalism, and foster a culture of fiscal responsibility and upward mobility? At a time when obsessive identity politics threaten to undermine the principles of educational excellence that undergird scientific discovery, what reforms can restore competence and trust to our public institutions—such that they support, rather than hinder, the innovation and entrepreneurship at the heart of broad-based economic prosperity?

Please join us for an afternoon conference in Washington, DC to address these questions and more. Panel discussions and keynote interviews will address the most pressing challenges facing American markets, businesses, and workers, while exploring substantive, evidence-based policies with the potential to unleash economic growth and opportunity. Panelists and keynote speakers will include business leaders, elected officials, practitioners, and policy scholars. The conference will begin with lunch and conclude with a reception for all speakers and attendees.