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This way up: Ensuring economic mobility for poor and middle-class Americans

Wednesday December 2016


Paul Ryan Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

House Speaker Paul Ryan at the "This Way Up Summit: New Thinking on Poverty and Economic Mobility" presented by Opportunity America, American Enterprise Institute, Manhattan Institute, and others.

The challenge of ensuring economic mobility is more pressing than ever. This year’s presidential election has highlighted an array of needs and concerns — among poor people trapped in safety-net programs that relieve material hardship but do not help them escape poverty and a neglected middle class struggling to keep up with globalization. A wealth of new thinking is percolating in Washington and beyond, as people close to the problem are coming up with ideas that look beyond government and harness the power of communities.

This summit brought together Washington-based conservative policy experts, heartland social entrepreneurs, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a leading champion of the new approach. 

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