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Event Public Safety Policing, Crime Control

Policing Antisemitism in 2021: Featuring Raymond Kelly

Wednesday January 2021


Raymond Kelly CEO, Guardian Group; Retired Commissioner, New York City Police Department
Mitchell Silber Executive Director, Community Security Initiative; Former Director of Intelligence Analysis, New York City Police Department
Hannah E. Meyers Fellow | Director, Policing & Public Safety @HannahElka

Antisemitism has increased dramatically and steadily in New York City and across the U.S. in the last few years, witnessed by more violent verbal and physical attacks. This disturbing trend is mirrored around the world. Retired NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly has spent extensive time in New York and beyond working to understand the threat, combat it, and secure Jewish communities and institutions. Commissioner Kelly will be joined by his former colleague, Mitchell Silber, who directed NYPD's Intelligence Analysis Unit and now runs the Community Security Initiative, cross-funded to provide security insights to all Jewish locations in the New York region.

This timely conversation will discuss the efficacy of law enforcement responses to antisemitism in the U.S.—from online undercover operations to responding to synagogue vandalism—and how these compare to those overseas. Can NYC and U.S. policing keep up with the rise of hate and attacks?