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Great Britain's 2015 General Election and the Politics of Climate

Monday April 2015


Nigel Lawson The Rt. Hon. the Lord Lawson of Blaby, Former MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer

The Manhattan Institute invites you to a luncheon conversation with Nigel Lawson, one of Britain’s foremost public figures and political thinkers. Lord Lawson will discuss the nuances of the U.K.’s upcoming parliamentary election on May 7 with MI Senior Fellow and former U.S. Department of Labor chief economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth. He will reflect on the changing political and economic dynamics in the U.K., and how these may portend the election outcome. In this context, he will also elaborate on Britain’s energy and climate policies, and prospects for a global agreement. Lord Lawson’s insights will be particularly instructive for those who seek a deeper understanding of America’s trans-Atlantic ties.

A former Royal Navy officer, distinguished editor of The Spectator—the world’s oldest, continually published English-language magazine—and Member of Parliament from 1974–92, Lord Lawson served as U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1983–89, during which he oversaw the Big Bang deregulation of Britain’s finance industry.