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Event Economics Monetary Policy

Escaping from Stagnation: Macroeconomic Policies for Sustainable Growth

Friday October 2011

Keynote speaker: Thomas Hoenig, Former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Position Papers

The Risks of Financial Turmoil for Monetary Policy: Some Lessons from History
by Michael Bordo, Rutgers University

Bank Capital Requirement Reform: Long-Term Size and Structure, the Transition, and Cycles
by Charles Calomiris (Columbia University)

Fiscal Dimensions of Inflationist Monetary Policy
by Marvin Goodfriend, Carnegie Mellon University

What the Political System Can Do to Help the Fed
by Peter Ireland, Boston College

Monetary Policy and Economic Performance
by Mickey Levy, Bank of America

Nominal GDP Targeting
by Bennett McCallum, Carnegie Mellon University