The City Journal Award

The Manhattan Institute and its flagship magazine City Journal have long fought to keep America and its great cities prosperous, safe, and free. In an age of conformity and cancellation, MI scholars and CJ writers boldly advance evidence-based arguments that challenge the status quo and enrich our nation’s public discourse.

The City Journal Award recognizes individuals whose ideas have pushed back on destructive policies and inspired efforts to protect the liberties of all Americans. 

We inaugurated this honor in 2022 with two distinguished recipients: Attorney General William Barr, for his steady and principled leadership in the battle against violent crime under multiple presidential administrations, and the Manhattan Institute’s own Heather Mac Donald, for her pioneering contributions to public discourse on fundamental questions of cultural excellence and the rule of law.

In 2023, we will honor Christopher F. Rufo for his singular role in exposing harmful ideologies that shape curricula in our nation's K-12 schools and universities, as well as for his other ground-breaking work. Learn more about attending the event. If you are unable to attend, consider making a gift in support of Chris and City Journal.