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Commentary By Jordan McGillis

Why Gen Z Struggles in the Workforce

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That the kids these days don’t know the value of hard work is a trope as old as the concept of youth itself. It’s mostly wrong – or at least outdated – reflecting the natural changes in attitudes that people experience as they age rather than any real degeneracy among the younger lot. In the case of Gen Z, however, something interesting, and concerning, is afoot.

Anecdotal evidence as Gen Z enters the workforce suggests that these emerging adults are struggling to interact productively with coworkers and clients alike in white-collar settings. Survey data back this up. According to a recent sample of 1,300 managers, one in eight has had to terminate a Gen Z employee after less than one week on the job. 

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Jordan McGillis is a Paulson Policy Analyst at the Manhattan Institute

Photo by mapo/iStock