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Why Experts Call Last Year's Spike in Test Scores a Fluke

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Editor's note: This piece appeared at the New York Daily News (by Ben Chapman), based on a new report by Alex Armlovich

Experts predict less of an increase in state test scores this year, credit elimination of time limits for spike last year

Don’t expect a giant bump in state test scores again this year, experts warn.

Reading test scores in district-run city schools leapt from a 30.4% pass rate in 2015 to a 38% pass rate in 2016, when the state eliminated time limits for the exams.

But this year, researchers are predicting smaller gains since there were no more changes to extend time limits in 2017.

“We shouldn’t see a giant leap. But to the extent that we see any change, it will be a better judge of student content knowledge,” said Alex Armlovich, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute who published a research brief on the subject Tuesday.

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This piece originally appeared in New York Daily News