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Commentary By John Ketcham

Toward a More Responsive NYC Democracy

If you ask New Yorkers why their city is the best, chances are you’ll get a spiel in return, but local elections will never make the list. In the most important municipality in the world’s most influential democracy, anemic voter turnout, uncompetitive general elections, and ham-fisted election administration mark the electoral landscape.

On its face, this is strange, given that residents care deeply about local matters that affect their everyday lives, such as public education, housing affordability, and public safety, among many others. They no doubt have differences in opinion about these issues. The problem rests in the city’s electoral system. Reforming it would benefit New Yorkers of all political persuasions.

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John Ketcham is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Based on a recent MI report.

This piece originally appeared in New York Daily News