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Commentary By Nicole Gelinas

Media’s Election Deflection Can’t Cover Up New Yorkers’ Worries about Crime

Public Safety Policing, Crime Control

In voting for governor, New Yorkers were clear: They want a safer city, but they’re not panicked enough to vote for a Republican. That’s fair — but Democrats and their enablers are responding with gibberish.

We know why GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin got 30.3% of the vote in a city where only 10% of voters are Republican. This Gotham showing helped Zeldin garner 47.1% of the state vote, when the 2018 GOP candidate got just 36.2%

The answer is crime: 28% of likely voters said crime was their most “urgent” issue, ahead of any other.

Easy, then: Newly re-elected Democrats should focus on cutting crime. Instead, they’re settling on a different “solution”: The problem isn’t crime — but that the public knows too much about crime.

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Nicole Gelinas is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor at City Journal. Follow her on Twitter here.

This piece originally appeared in New York Post