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Commentary By Roland G. Fryer, Jr.

It’s Time for Data-First Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Mandated diversity, equity, and inclusion training has yielded little results–but the root causes of inequality are in the data.

I have spent hundreds of hours in diversity training over the past two decades–from descriptions of federal anti-discrimination laws to academic-style seminars on the perils of implicit bias, microaggressions, or misgendering.

Advocates of this kind of training have their hearts in the right place. We are all familiar with comparisons showing that Black people earn 50% less than white peers and women earn 70 cents for every dollar that a man earns.

However, the most popular tools used to combat disparities in the workplace have produced almost no measurable results.

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Roland G. Fryer, Jr., a John A. Paulson Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, is professor of economics at Harvard University and founder of Equal Opportunity Ventures.

This piece originally appeared in Fortune