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Commentary By Brian Riedl

Biden’s Bragging About the Economy Just Proves How Financially Illiterate He Is

President Biden keeps bragging about an economy that's still failing with inflation.

Last week, the White House attempted to define its economic vision in a 58-page report titled “The Biden-Harris Economic Blueprint.” One first notices the report’s sloppiness. Five footnotes supposedly sourcing the White House data include in bold letters: “Error! Bookmark not defined.” There is also awkward repetition, such as cutting-and-pasting “the strongest and most equitable labor market recovery in modern history” in paragraph after paragraph (eventually getting excited enough to remove the word “modern,” allowing the president to also declare superiority over all ancient economic recoveries).

The most revealing aspect of the White House economic vision is what is not included: inflation or deficit reduction.

Sure, the introduction declares that “President Biden’s top economic priority is bringing down inflation and lowering costs for families,” yet none of the report’s “five core pillars” focuses primarily on combating inflation, which remains incredibly high — 8.3% in August.

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Brian M. Riedl is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Follow him on Twitter here

This piece originally appeared in New York Post