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Commentary By Allison Schrager

AI Will Transform Sex Work but Not Intimacy

Culture Technology, Artificial Intelligence

The advent of “relationship bots” will change the world’s oldest profession, but the need for human connection will persist.

Most people are surprised to learn that sex work is often not about sex. What customers are paying for is a feeling of intimacy — and the market for intimacy, thanks to artificial intelligence, is about to grow in a big way.

Technology may have created more demand for intimacy, but it also has the potential to create more supply. The latest generation of OpenAI’s agent, GPT-4o, has been described as game-changing and a little creepy. As it flirts with you, the bot behaves like the AI in the movie Her, as CEO Sam Altman hinted before its release. There is already at least one relationship bot, called Replika, and more will surely follow. And they will only get better.

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Allison Schrager is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal.

Photo by BlackJack3D/Getty Images