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Young Leaders Circle with Bret Stephens

Tuesday May 2021


Bret Stephens New York Times columnist, author, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
Reihan Salam President @reihan

We have passed the 100-day mark in the Biden presidency, but commentators and foreign governments alike are still trying to discern the larger strategy guiding the administration’s foreign policy. On some issues—notably, our relationship with China and our trade policy—the administration has in many respects embraced continuity with its predecessor. But there have also been significant and highly-publicized departures from the Trump years, including on climate diplomacy and nuclear talks with Iran.

There is no one better positioned to help make sense of Biden’s foreign policy than Bret Stephens, a columnist covering foreign affairs and domestic politics for the New York Times. Previously the Global View columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Stephens has spent time reporting from Brussels and Jerusalem. In 2013, Stephens was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for commentary for his incisive columns on the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

I invite you to join us on May 18 for a wide-ranging conversation with Bret Stephens on the Biden administration’s foreign policy and the future of American power.


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