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Why China Wants America Second: A Book Talk with Isaac Stone Fish

Thursday February 2022


Isaac Stone Fish Author of America Second, CEO of Strategy Risks, a China risk firm 
Reihan Salam President @reihan

What does China want? The title of Isaac Stone Fish’s forthcoming book says it all. In America Second, Stone Fish explains that “Beijing wants America as a reliable and pliant Second to China’s First.”  

Stone Fish details how China’s communist regime advances this goal by quietly forging relationships with prominent public figures, leveraging China’s power over a Hollywood that thrives on global ticket sales, and censoring an academic world that’s hungry for funding, foreign students, and access to Chinese institutions. Stone Fish even explains the compromises he has had to make while writing about, and for a time living in, China. He argues that America should push back against the Chinese Communist Party, and that it can do so without demonizing Chinese-Americans, who should be seen as allies against the CCP's abuses. 

Please join the Manhattan Institute on February 17, 2022, 1:00PM, for a talk about the book—and the broader theme of rising CCP influence over American institutions—between Isaac Stone Fish and MI president Reihan Salam.