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Who’s Right? Millennials, Gen Z, And The Future Of American Conservatism

Thursday February 2022


Jesse Arm Director of External Affairs, Manhattan Institute
Alexandra DeSanctis Staff Writer, National Review & Visiting Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center
Elliot Kaufman Letters Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Saurabh Sharma President, American Moment
Teddy Kupfer Associate Editor, City Journal

Young conservatives tend to agree that America needs policies that encourage economic prosperity, promote educational pluralism, defend colorblindness, and preserve law and order, but many offer different paths to bring those goals to fruition. Healthy debate is crucial to achieving the right balance of populism, libertarianism, traditionalism, and classical liberalism in today’s conservative movement. As Millennials and members of Generation Z begin ascending to positions of prominence in newsrooms, boardrooms, the halls of government, and academia, which way will the next generation of the American Right steer their movement?

On February 10, please join the Manhattan Institute at Mission – Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. for a panel discussion featuring National Review staff writer and Ethics and Public Policy Center visiting fellow Alexandra DeSanctis, Wall Street Journal letters editor Elliot Kaufman, and American Moment president Saurabh Sharma, as they discuss the future of American conservatism. The Manhattan Institute’s Director of External Affairs, Jesse Arm, will deliver opening remarks before turning over the panel to City Journal associate editor Teddy Kupfer to moderate the discussion. Afterward, we welcome you to stay for drinks and networking.