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Event Energy Technology

U.S. Grid Security in the Age of Cyberterrorism

Wednesday June 2016


Mark Mills Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the great public-policy challenges of the digital age. Anxiety has centered on protecting fi nancial and other private information from hackers and cyberterrorists. But another danger looms: the emerging threat to America's electric grids. As government, at all levels, pours tens of billions of dollars into initiatives to make grids "greener" and more energy effi cient, far less attention is paid to cybersecurity—and even less to the fact that many green programs increase cyber risk and decrease the reliability and security of America's electric networks.

With the economy more dependent on electricity than ever before—and with America in the crosshairs of a growing number of tech-savvy terrorist groups—robust cybersecurity has never been more crucial. Please join MI senior fellow and tech and energy expert Mark Mills for a timely discussion on the threats facing America's grids and how to safeguard them from potentially devastating disruptions.

Mark Mills is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, CEO of the Digital Power Group, faculty fellow at Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, and advisory board member of Notre Dame University's Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values. Early in his career, Mills was an experimental physicist and development engineer at Bell Northern Research (Canada's Bell Labs) and at the RCA David Sarnoff Research Center. He holds a degree in physics from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada.