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SXSW EDU: Free Speech on Campus (Left, Right, & Center)

Thursday March 2019


Heather Mac Donald Thomas W. Smith Fellow
Contributing Editor, City Journal

On March 7, Heather Mac Donald was at SXSW EDU to discuss free speech on college campuses with Nathan Harden (RealClearPolitics), Kazique Prince (Jelani Consulting, LLC), and Robby Soave (Reason Foundation).

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“A majority of college students, according to a seminal Brookings Institution survey, do not fully support the precepts of the First Amendment; and one-fifth of them believe it’s acceptable to use physical force to silence a speaker who is making “offensive and hurtful statements.” In this panel, liberal, libertarian, and conservative policy experts will discuss recent controversies around campus speech, as well as the connection of academic freedom to the educational mission of the university.”