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SXSW 2019: Gauging Urban Change with Google Street View

Friday March 2019


Edward L. Glaeser Senior Fellow | Contributing Editor, City Journal
Ann Zadeh City of Forth Worth

On March 8, Edward Glaeser and Michael Hendrix joined Fort Worth City Councilwoman Ann Zadeh at SXSW 2019 to discuss how cities can use innovative technologies to transform local government.

Learn more at the SXSW website.

“Big data and AI have the potential to transform policymaking in cities. What once took years to see how a given policy was affecting a city, it’s becoming increasingly possible to learn in real time on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood, or even block-by-block, basis. Harvard economist Ed Glaeser and his co-authors recently demonstrated how Google Street View, combined with computer vision, can reliably predict things like income and crime down to the city block. But in order to take advantage of this transformative technology, government will have to transform itself to be more adaptive and nimble.”