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America's Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything

Thursday July 2023


Christopher F. Rufo Senior Fellow | Contributing Editor, City Journal @realchrisrufo
Reihan Salam President @reihan

For decades, left-wing radicals patiently built a revolution in the shadows. Then suddenly, after the death of George Floyd, their ideas exploded into American life. Corporations denounced the United States as a “system of white supremacy.” Universities pushed racially segregated programs that forced students to address their racial and sexual “privilege.” And schools injected critical race theory into the classroom, dividing children into “oppressor” and “oppressed.”

In a new book, Manhattan Institute senior fellow and City Journal contributing editor Christopher F. Rufo shows how activists have profoundly influenced American culture with an insidious mix of Marxism and racialist ideology. This noxious ideology has replaced “equality” with “equity,” subverted individual rights in favor of group identity, and convinced millions of Americans that racism is endemic in all of society. The ultimate goal? To replace the constitution with a race-based redistribution regime, administered by “diversity and inclusion” commissars within the bureaucracy.

Through deep historical research, America's Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything (Broadside Books, July 18) describes how ideas that were first formulated in the pamphlets of the Weather Underground, Black Panther Party, and Black Liberation Army have been sanitized and adopted as the official ideology of America’s elite institutions, from Ivy League universities to the boardrooms of corporate America.

Christopher Rufo and MI president Reihan Salam, discuss this definitive account of the radical Left’s long march through our society—and what a coming counter-revolution might look like.