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Event Public Safety, Cities Policing, Crime Control, New York City

Prioritizing New Yorkers' Public Safety: A Mayoral Playbook

Tuesday April 2021


Raymond Kelly CEO, Guardian Group; Retired Commissioner, New York City Police Department
Rafael A. Mangual Nick Ohnell Fellow | Contributing Editor, City Journal @Rafa_Mangual
Hannah E. Meyers Fellow | Director, Policing & Public Safety @HannahElka

Public safety is poised to be one of the biggest challenges faced by New York City's next mayor. In 2020, the city saw homicides and shootings rise precipitously. Through April 4 of this year, shootings across the city were up more than 56% and homicides were up over 20% year-to-date. While most of the serious violence has been concentrated in a relative handful of the city’s already-struggling neighborhoods, public disorder is a growing problem in even its most exclusive enclaves.

Current residents' willingness to continue paying a premium to live within the city limits will depend largely on how safe they feel. Especially given the growth of remote work, a decline in public safety will make a return to pre-pandemic normal even more difficult.

To discuss what the city's next mayor should do on the policy front, join former NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly and MI senior fellow Rafael A. Mangual for a discussion moderated by MI director of policing and public safety Hannah E. Meyers on how the next mayor can restore public safety and secure the city's future.