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Planning the Post-Covid City

Thursday April 2021


Rohit Aggarwala Senior Urban Tech Fellow, Cornell Tech; Senior Advisor; Sidewalk Labs; Adjunct Professor, Columbia University
Alain Bertaud Senior Fellow, New York University’s Marron Institute
Laura Fox General Manager and Director, Citi Bike at Lyft
Henry Grabar Staff Writer, Slate

Covid-19 struck a blow to America’s cities—streets and subways emptied out, offices and apartments went dark. But the pandemic also proved to be a time of incredible experimentation in urban form. Just witness the stunning rise in outdoor dining and open streets. Despite all the hardship, this past year has given us a chance to think anew about urban planning from the ground up. How should we plan for the post-Covid city? What lessons should we learn from the past year?

Join MI director of state and local policy Michael Hendrix for a discussion with leaders in urban planning and innovation on these questions and more.