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Open House: The American Experience Program

Wednesday January 2022


Andrew Gutmann Educator and Founder,
Paul Rossi Educator and Advisory Board member, Educational Liberty Alliance
Reihan Salam President @reihan
Ilana Golant Executive Vice President, Manhattan Institute

Please join us on Wednesday, January 12 for an open house to learn about the Manhattan Institute’s “American Experience Program.”

Beginning this February, Manhattan Institute—together with educators Andrew Gutmann and Paul Rossi—will connect high school students with leading intellectuals for an 8-week intensive course on the roots of America’s governing principles to learn how they contribute to American success and what they mean in practice today. Discussion topics will include equality of opportunity vs. equity, the growing discontent with democracy, the growth of the administrative state, commitment to public service, free markets, and more.

The organizers will be on hand to discuss the program and answer questions from prospective parents.

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About the American Experience Program

Formed in 2021 in partnership between The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research and educators Andrew Gutmann and Paul Rossi, the American Experience Program is an educational program for New York City high school students that focuses on America’s self-governing principles of free inquiry, free speech, public debate, democratic decision-making, and the decentralization of power through federalism, localism, civil society, separation of powers, and capitalism. When followed, these principles enable the American people to succeed and flourish. When ignored, a rash of social and political problems emerge, leading to polarization and potentially radicalization. It is our hope that the American Experience Program can impart upon our rising generation the knowledge to perpetuate America’s success and ideals and safeguard and promote its longstanding governing principles.