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New York City And Charters What's Next?

Thursday June 2018

On June 14, the Manhattan Institute hosted a discussion on the future of charter schools in New York City with education experts and administrators.

Twenty years have passed since New York State adopted the Charter Schools Act. More than 114,000 students now attend 227 charters in New York City, over 10% of the city's public-school enrollment. More than three-fourths of these students are from low-income households, and numerous studies indicate that they do better than their public-school peers on state reading and math tests.

Despite these impressive results, relations between Mayor de Blasio's administration and the charter sector have been tense, as evinced by charters' ongoing struggle to secure classroom space in NYC Department of Education buildings. Please join us for an MI education symposium on the present and future of New York City's charter schools.

Richard Buery, Chief of Policy & Public Affairs, KIPP Charter School Network
Christopher Cerf, Former Superintendent, Newark Public Schools
Lester Long, Founder & Executive Director, South Bronx Classical Charter School
Shael Polakow-Suransky, President, Bank Street College
Moderator: Ray Domanico, Director of Education Policy, MI