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Event Energy Regulatory Policy

Is Energy Insecurity on the Rise in America?

Thursday September 2014


The Honorable Lisa Murkowski U.S. Senator, Alaska Ranking Member, Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources
The Honorable Tim Scott U.S. Senator, South Carolina Member, Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources

Mark Mills, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

The American economy and quality of life are inextricably linked to an affordable and secure energy supply. But energy discussions that focus on geopolitical, environmental, and macro-economic issues can overlook the impact of policies on the well-being of America’s economically disadvantaged households. Energy policies that lead to higher energy prices, whether or not intentional, give rise to “energy insecurity”—where household budgets and quality of life are eroded, including pushing many below the poverty line.

How great is this challenge and what are the economic, political, and social consequences of allowing energy insecurity to rise in America? How can policymakers measure and address this issue? Please join Manhattan Institute senior fellow Mark Mills in a timely discussion on this important topic with Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who serve as leaders in shaping the future of American energy policy as members of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.