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Improving America's Infrastructure

Wednesday April 2018


Philip Howard Founder, Common Good
Aaron Renn Senior Fellow, MI
Howard Husock Vice President, Research & Publications, MI

Many U.S. highways, railways, pipelines, airports, and energy grids need to be repaired and modernized. Some cities and states need more infrastructure, too. President Trump has called for $1 trillion in new public and private spending. But one major hurdle to improving America's infrastructure has received little attention: excessive, construction-related regulation.

Burdensome labor rules, licensing, and environmental-impact studies, as well as endless lawsuits, make infrastructure projects slow and wasteful. New York City's fondness for red tape, for example, means that capital costs for the MTA are more than twice as high as those for public-transit agencies in London and Paris.

How can America trim regulation, build faster, and avoid federally funded boondoggles? Please join us for an MI infrastructure symposium.


Philip Howard, Founder, Common Good
Aaron Renn, Senior Fellow, MI
Moderator: Howard Husock, Vice President, Research & Publications, MI