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Event Health Serious Mental Illness

Helping Families With Mental Illness

Monday March 2016


Hon. Tim Murphy U.S. House of Representatives, Pennsylvania

More than 11 million Americans have severe schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. Many go without treatment as families struggle to find care for loved ones. Even as the federal government spends $130 billion annually on a patchwork of antiquated programs and ineffective policies across numerous agencies, rates of violence, suicide, homelessness, victimization, and incarceration among the mentally ill have only increased over the last 20 years. Sadly, patients end up in the criminal-justice system or on the streets because services are not available.

The Helping Families In Mental Health Crisis Act, sponsored by U.S. Representative Tim Murphy (R., Pennsylvania), refocuses programs and resources on families and patients with the most challenging cases of serious mental illness—and brings accountability to federal programs. Please join us for a discussion of this urgent, yet often overlooked, issue.