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Future of Families in the Childless City

Thursday September 2019

America’s densest cities are losing families with children, while growing their population of childless, rich, college-educated whites. In New York City, as in many of the country’s urban areas, households and birth rates are getting smaller every year. Indeed, Manhattan’s population of infants is projected to decline by half over the next three decades. It appears that the only thing America’s urban rebirth is missing is actual births.

It may be that “raising a family in the city is just too hard,” as The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson recently concluded. But it’s hard as a result of policy choices that lead to pricey housing, poor schooling, declining public safety, and unwelcoming public spaces. Making America’s cities more family-friendly requires an agenda that will maximize opportunity for all, not just an elite sliver of society.

Reihan Salam, President, Manhattan Institute

Derek Thompson, Staff Writer, The Atlantic

Brad Hargreaves, Chief Executive Officer, Common
Kay Hymowitz, William E. Simon Fellow, Manhattan Institute;
Contributing Editor, City Journal
Derek Thompson, Staff Writer, The Atlantic
Moderator: Reihan Salam, President, MI