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From Campaigns to Covid to City Hall: Reporting on the Race for Mayor

Monday April 2021


Jeff Coltin Senior Reporter, City & State

Seven months from now, New Yorkers will elect the next mayor of Gotham. With more than a dozen candidates running in the mayoral Democratic primary, NYC’s mayoral race features a candidate for every type of voter. As the June primaries loom, it has been difficult event for high-profile names to gain traction. In what will be a major test for city officials and candidates, ranked-choice voting will be used for the first time in what is arguably one of New York City’s most consequential mayoral elections. 

It remains to be seen how—and when—the city’s public transit, housing, budget, infrastructure, education, public safety, and small businesses will overcome the effects of Covid-19 on New York City. Despite all the hardship, this past year has given mayoral candidates the opportunity to think anew about urban planning and how we can plan for the post-Covid city.  

Join MI director of state and local policy Michael Hendrix and City & State senior reporter Jeff Coltin for a discussion on the state of the New York mayoral race.