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Econ Discussion Series: Asset Valuation, ESG, and the Future of Markets

Tuesday March 2023


Aswath Damodaran Professor of Finance, NYU Stern School of Business
Allison Schrager Senior Fellow | Contributing Editor, City Journal @AllisonSchrager

Aswath Damodaran—NYU’s "Dean of Valuation," as he is called on CNBC—has been busy posting his 2022 takeaways on market behavior. In a recent blog post, Damodaran argued that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is far more deserving of the “biggest con” label that’s previously been assigned to Indian conglomerate Adani. According to Damodaran, what does 2023 hold in store for market returns, company profit margins, and the viability of ESG-friendly stocks?

Please join us on Tuesday, March 21 at 12:15 PM for a roundtable discussion with Damodaran, professor of finance at New York University’s Stern School of Business and one of the leading experts on asset valuation. MI Senior Fellow Allison Schrager will lead a discussion with Professor Damodaran on what is happening in the markets, the future of ESG, and investing in general.