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Congestion Pricing and Challenges Facing the MTA: A Conversation with Janno Lieber 

Tuesday December 2023


Janno Lieber Chairman, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)
Nicole Gelinas Senior Fellow | Contributing Editor, City Journal @nicolegelinas

Congestion pricing is set to take effect as soon as next summer, amidst continued heated debate among city residents and commuters over the program’s fairness and its economic and health impacts. As the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) works out the details of congestion pricing, it faces several legal challenges to the program. In July of this year, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy sued New York over the congestion pricing plan, citing an unfair burden on Garden State commuters.

The MTA still faces a stubborn violent-crime crisis that deters a significant cohort of potential riders. As of September, year-to-date felony assaults on the subway system were up 3% compared to the same period last year; and in the month of September alone, felony assaults were 22% higher than in the same month last year. Beyond these issues, MTA leaders are contending with subway and bus service quality, e-bikes, license-plate fraud, bus-lane expansion setbacks, and technological innovations like autonomous vehicles. 

Together with Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Nicole Gelinas, Lieber discussed the current state of transit in New York City, and what 2024 holds for commuters throughout the tri-state area.

Photo by Photo by J2R/iStock