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Climate Change and "The New Anti-Federalism": How Environmentalists Are Shifting Policy Debates From Legislatures To Courtrooms And Boardrooms

Wednesday April 2019


Paul Atkins Former SEC Commissioner
James R. Copland Senior Fellow | Director, Legal Policy @JamesRCopland
Luther Strange Former U.S. Senator

In one policy arena after another, regulatory decisions are increasingly made not by nationally elected representatives but by federal bureaucrats, prosecutors, judges, and state and local offi cials. Local politicians in New York, California, and elsewhere have sought to affect policy action on climate change—the most global of issues—by suing in the courts and by leveraging public pension funds to pressure businesses. Please join MI for a lunch roundtable on climate change and the “new anti-federalism.”

Paul Atkins, a former Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission, is CEO of Patomak Global Partners.

James Copland is a senior fellow and director of legal policy at the Manhattan Institute.

Luther Strange, a former U.S. Senator and Attorney General of Alabama, is a senior advisor to Patomak Global Partners.