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Advanced Data Analytics Impact 21st Century Policing

Wednesday May 2014


William J. Bratton New York City Police Commissioner

Introduction: George L. Kelling, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Twenty years ago, William Bratton worked together with Manhattan Institute senior fellow George Kelling to put in place many of the strategies that helped bring about New York City’s historic decline in crime. Today, Bratton is back at the helm of the NYPD, facing a unique set of challenges born from two decades’ worth of safer streets. In a dramatically different city than in 1994, major questions remain unanswered. How can the NYPD and community groups strengthen the fabric of their partnership in 2014? What are today’s challenges in the subways and parks, and what will make these places truly the best they can be for generations to come? How will big data and advanced data analytics impact 21st Century policing? These are among the issues shaping today’s NYPD, and just as in 1994, Kelling is assisting Bratton as the Department ponders strategies to answer such transformative questions.

We hope you enjoyed this breakfast forum—at which Commissioner Bratton reflected on the New York of 1994 and the New York of today—unveiling the new approaches being developed to make the city even safer and more secure for years to come.