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The Twilight of Sovereignty How the Information Revolution is Transforming Our World

By Walter B. Wriston
Scribner 1992 ISBN: 9780684194547

About the Book

Walter B. Wriston, the former chairman of Citicorp, is among the most innovative financiers of our time. In The Twilight of Sovereignty, he lucidly reveals the vast geopolitical implications of the massive information revolution in progress around the globe.

Human intelligence and intellectual resources are now the world's prime capital, Wriston shows. Instant global communication--the marriage of satellites, television, fax, cellular telephones, and worldwide computer networks--has had and will continue to have world-shaking consequences.

About the Author

Walter B. Wriston was a banker and former chairman of Citicorp. An expert on commercial banking, Mr. Wriston wrote and spoke widely on topics relating to finance, banking, technology, and international business.