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South Park Conservatives The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias

By Brian C. Anderson
Regnery Publishing, Inc. 2005 ISBN: 9780895260192

About the Book

That’s what Brian C. Anderson shows in South Park Conservatives: The Revolt against Liberal Media Bias. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at how conservatives—and even iconoclasts who don’t consider themselves conservative—are overthrowing the liberal media and political correctness. From the bloggers who demolished Dan Rather, to the Swift Boat veterans who sank John Kerry, to the gleeful anti–political correctness of such comedic send-ups as South Park and Team America, the American media landscape has suffered an earthquake. Conservatives who have fretted about liberal media bias and losing the culture war should take heart, because a new generation of "South Park Conservatives" is changing everything. In South Park Conservatives, you’ll learn:

  • How media bias in the 2004 Kerry/Bush race was so overwhelming as to make a mockery of "journalistic ethics"
  • How liberal Hollywood has tried—and failed—to read conservatives out of the industry
  • How right-of-center students are turning the tables on their left-wing profs at campuses across the nation
  • How the liberal monopoly has been broken beyond all repair by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, FOX News, and the blogosphere
  • How hysterical liberal accusations of conservative "bigotry" and "hate" have boomeranged against the Left
  • How media and academic liberals—seeing their monopoly on information and communication disappearing—have embraced extremism and conspiracy-mongering As Brian C. Anderson demonstrates, the New York Times, the big networks, and the rest of the elite liberal media can no longer set the terms of the nation’s political and cultural debate. The liberal media’s monolithic power has cracked and broken—and freedom and conservative ideas are breaking out all over. So sit back, pour yourself a drink, and savor South Park Conservatives. The liberal media has never looked so likely to head for the ash heap of history as now. South Park Conservatives: The Revolt against Liberal Media Bias is an inside peek at how conservatives and the politically incorrect "anti-liberals" are starting to win the culture war—and are having fun doing it.

About the Author

Brian C. Anderson is senior editor of the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal. He has written on politics and culture for the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Post, National Review, Commentary, First Things, the Claremont Review of Books, and many other magazines and papers. He is also the author of Raymond Aron: The Recovery of the Political. He lives with his wife and two young sons in Westchester County, New York.



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