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Privatization: The Key to Better Government

By E. S. Savas
Chatham House Pub 1988 ISBN: 9780934540582

About the Book

This book is divided into four parts. Part I covers the background: discussing the growth of Government and describing the pressures towards privatization. Part II consists of three chapters presenting a theoretical basis for privatization while Part III examines privatization in practice and reviews the major empirical studies of the relative performance of different arrangements. Part IV consists of three chapters: Chapter 8 describes how to implement privatization through a multipronged approach, Chapter 9 presents and discusses the problems with privatization and, finally, Chapter 10 draws together the principle conclusions.

About the Author

E.S. Savas is the author of fifteen books and over 130 articles; his books have been published in 23 foreign editions. He is an internationally known pioneer in, and authority on, privatization.