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Market-Driven Health Care

By Regina E. Herzlinger
Basic Books 1997 ISBN: 0201489945

About the Book

What happens when the demanding consumers who nearly brought the U.S. automobile industry to its knees focus the same kinds of pressure on the industry that represents one-seventh of the U.S. economy—health care? The health organizations that combine quality, convenience, information, choices, and lower costs will be the winners in this revolution. Regina Herzlinger, chaired professor at the Harvard Business School, distills the facts from the noise surrounding the one industry whose measures of success are life and death. In a thoroughly readable, anecdotal style, she pinpoints the drivers of change—the savvy consumer, the cost-conscious payer, and the rapidly improving technology—that will revolutionize the American health-care system. This is a must-read for those in every corner of the immense health-care web. With its strong narrative style, this is a book that will be read and talked about by everyone concerned about the future of American health care.


How does American business hold lessons for health care management and the health industry? Herzlinger's focus on consumer demands, changing market requirements, and business impacts on health organizations and structures provides an analysis of service provides' business practices, revealing how such providers succeed - and fail - in their jobs. -- Midwest Book Review