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America's Cultural Revolution How the Radical Left Conquered Everything

By Christopher F. Rufo
Michele Jacob
(646) 839-3387

About the Book

For decades, left-wing radicals patiently built a revolution in the shadows. Then suddenly, after the death of George Floyd, their ideas exploded into American life.

Corporations denounced the United States as a “system of white supremacy.” Universities pushed racially segregated programs that forced students to address their racial and sexual “privilege.” And schools injected critical race theory in the classroom, dividing children into “oppressor” and “oppressed.”

In this New York Times bestseller, Christopher F. Rufo exposes the inner history of the left-wing intellectuals and militants who slowly and methodically captured America’s institutions, with the goal of subverting them from within. With profiles of Herbert Marcuse, Angela Davis, Paulo Freire, and Derrick Bell, Rufo shows how activists have profoundly influenced American culture with an insidious mix of Marxism and racialist ideology. They’ve replaced “equality” with “equity,” subverted individual rights in favor of group identity, and convinced millions of Americans that racism is endemic in all of society. Their ultimate goal? To replace the constitution with a race-based redistribution regime, administered by “diversity and inclusion” commissars within the bureaucracy.

America's Cultural Revolution is the definitive account of the radical Left’s long march through the institutions. Through deep historical research, Rufo shows how the ideas first formulated in the pamphlets of the Weather Underground, Black Panther Party, and Black Liberation Army have been sanitized and adopted as the official ideology of America’s prestige institutions, from the Ivy League universities to the boardrooms of Wal-Mart, Disney, and Bank of America. But his book is not just an exposé. It is a meticulously-researched and passionate refutation of the arguments of CRT—and a roadmap for the counter-revolution to come.

About the Author

Christopher F. Rufo is a writer, filmmaker, and activist. He has directed four documentaries for PBS, including America Lost, which tells the story of three forgotten American cities. He is a senior fellow of the Manhattan Institute and a contributing edi­tor of the public policy magazine City Journal. His reporting and activism have inspired a presidential order, a national grassroots movement, and legislation in twenty-two states. Christopher holds a BSFS from Georgetown University and an ALM from Harvard University. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and three sons.


“Christopher Rufo is in fact one of the most effective journalists and filmmakers in the country.”  — Tucker Carlson

“Christopher Rufo … has done more than anybody else in our country on exposing CRT.”  — Governor Ron DeSantis

“The most important and effective conservative activist in the country.” — Bari Weiss

“International-class troublemaker and policy advisor on the culture war.” — Dr. Jordan Peterson

“One of the most important journalists in the country.”  — Ben Shapiro

“Christopher Rufo has had an extremely significant impact on our political discourse.” — Glenn Greenwald

“The country’s pre-eminent critic of critical race theory.”  — The New York Times

“The most important intellectual entrepreneur on the political right today.” — Vox

“One of the most gifted conservative polemicists of his generation.” — The Atlantic