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Commentary By Hannah E. Meyers

Why Rikers Island Is Ripe for a Rethink

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Mayor Adams announced last month that Louis Molina will leave his post as commissioner of New York City’s Department of Correction (DOC) to become the assistant deputy mayor for public safety.

Molina’s replacement has not yet been named, but unless the next DOC is freed from fantastical progressive demands, attempts to improve the safety and management at Rikers Island will remain kneecapped. 

Molina’s two-year tenure was plagued by criticism, but the administration also had successes.

Deaths among Rikers inmates have fallen to nine so far in 2023 from the horrifying quarter-century record of 19 last year — and likely will end up below the 2021 total of 15 fatalities.

The rates of violent assaults and staff assaults fell in 2022 after steady increases over the previous decade.

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Hannah Meyers is director of the policing and public safety initiative at the Manhattan Institute. 

Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images