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Commentary By Nicole Gelinas

When Will NYC Do Something about the ‘Staggering’ Number of E-bike Fire Deaths?

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Eric Adams ran for office on a public-safety platform two years ago.

His crime record is mixed, but public safety isn’t just crime: E-bike and e-scooter battery-fire deaths are reaching “staggering” levels, his fire commissioner says.

So it’s not good the unrelated corruption suspicions swirling around the mayor involve . . . pressuring the FDNY to ignore safety rules, rules that inconvenienced donors and their friends.

The familiar story unfolded again last week: A powerful fire obliterated a Brooklyn brownstone.

Three people from three generations of the West family, ages 33 to 81, perished. 

As has become common over three years, the cause was a battery charging an e-scooter, blocking exits. 

So far, 17 of this year’s 93 fire deaths are from such batteries.

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh calls it “devastating.”

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Nicole Gelinas is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor at City Journal. Follow her on Twitter here.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images